Top Websites: Foreign Exchange Converter & Statistics

Top Websites Offering Foreign Exchange Converter And Financial Statistics

The internet can offer you information on any subject.  It offers investors real-time access to technical data, which is necessary for them to make informed decisions regarding their investments.  There are a quite a few websites out there that offer this type of information and it is not always easy to know which ones to go to at short notice.

SEC Offers Financial Statements and Reports

EDGAR which stands for the US Securities and Exchange Commission Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval offers free access to information related to corporations.  This includes prospectuses, registration statements, audited and unaudited financial statements.  Users of the site are able to access information pertaining to corporate events and preliminary announcements regarding earnings.  The information that is available pertains to all registered companies within a specified industrial code or state.  It is possible to access relevant archived information.

XE Offers Foreign Exchange Converter

XE focuses on foreign currency information.  Traders and investors can access currency news, currency analysis, a foreign exchange converter and different forms of currency calculators.  Users are offered free email updates that are delivered on a daily basis.  The daily emails have opt-in facilities to include news headlines relating to currency issues, foreign currency rates and interest rates from the central banks.  Users are offered the facility to download currency apps for Blackberry and Android phones, as well as for the iPad and iPhone.

Kitco and Precious Metals

This website offers real-time information regarding trends, quotes, exchange rates and market commentary.  It is easy and quick to find real-time quotes on precious metals, exchange rates and the top performing gold equities.  There is a section that provides historical, technical and live charts for specific precious metals.  This site not only offers usable data and news, but also has an online retail store for precious metals.  You can purchase silver, palladium, rhodium, gold and platinum as well as equipment.

Google Finance for Dividends and Splits

Google Finance has information regarding financial news, real-time quotes and global market analysis for investors.  This website allows you to obtain current quotes, compare various instruments for trading and check on historical data.  Investors have the facility to access quarterly and annual financial statements for specific companies.

Yahoo Finance for Historic al Charts and Real-Time Quotes

Yahoo offers investors global market data, relevant current news and real-time quotes.  It has a section that indicates current currency rates and lists the top currency stories of the day.  It also offers investors and traders a foreign exchange converter.  Investors and traders have access to current price quotes and can access historical charts going back several years.  Users have the facility to compare a range of stocks by utilising the ‘compare’ feature of the website.

Technology and the internet has made it possible for both experienced investors and those new to the markets to access relevant news, market data and analysis tools to aid them in their investment decisions.  Several websites are available to provide this information internationally.


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